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  • Mixer audio di dimensioni compatte

  • 2 ingressi e 1 uscita (connessioni jack 3,5 mm)

  • Pulsante bass-kill su entrambi i canali

  • Nessuna alimentazione richiesta

  • Plug and Play

  • 2 cavi audio (70 cm. jack 3,5 mm.)

  • Custodia da trasporto inclusa


The party ends when the music stops playing. That's not where we stand for. We designed the Djoclate to outlast the last person that leaves the party. You can even take the Djoclate to an afterparty. The mini mixer will outlive the party.


The reason why it lasts, is because we designed our product with no limitations. We built a product that does not require a battery and gives you nothing to worry about other than to party EVEN harder!











So you just got your DJoclate and you're not quite sure how to get started? Don't worry, we are here to help.


First off, lets talk about the device. The DJoclate is a pocket size mixer with two 3,5mm jack inputs and a 3,5mm jack output. The mixer is ideal for mixing portable audiosources like phones or tablets.


The DJoclate can connect to two audio sources, whether it's a phone or a laptop, via 3,5mm jacks.


Then hook it up to the speakers you want to use and you're ready to DJ! Now you are ready to start mixing!


If you're done with mixing, simply disconnect the cables from the device and put it somewhere safe.


• 2 AUDIO FADERS     • 2 BASS KILLS     • 2 JACKS IN 3.5mm     • 1 JACK OUT 3.5mm

• Pocket size     • Innovative Design     • No batteries required